HARVEST LABEL®, established in 1995, is a lifestyle accessories brand based out of Osaka, Japan. Originally inspired by vintage mil-spec (military) design and functional aesthetics, Harvest Label fuses master craftsmanship into military inspiration to create an exceptional premium line of bags. Over the next two decades, the brand evolved to craft an increasingly wide range of eye catching unisex designs that you see today.

Harvest Label® takes great pride in the details of construction as well as seamless integration of original designs into the final product. Each stitch is meticulously inspected to ensure a superior experience for the end user. These are the values harvested over the years from established partnerships with mills and factories that build up the foundation of the brand.

Today's NightHawk and Custom lines, launched in 2015, are based on the founding DNA from the original two collections called Super Hercules and Flyers. Now, iconic pieces of carry equipment amongst loyal fans, the Connect line was added soon after to retain their long standing tradition of Japanese craft and quality, but through their diversity of designs and silhouettes to cater towards each lifestyle.

NightHawk Collection

With their international launch, HARVEST LABEL® aims to connect contemporary designs with the variety of experiences of the urban dweller under one inclusive brand. Recognizing the unique characteristics of bag lovers across the globe, our designers work towards preserving and expressing that authenticity through the personality of each carrier.

Harvest Label® is new to the global market, but with over 20 plus years of experience and craftsmanship, we are veterans to the industry itself. Years of experience are made evident through the fine attention to details that ultimately compose the entirety of the finished bag. More than just a brand, Harvest Label® is a lifestyle that emphasizes quality and longevity in all things.

Furthermore, our work expands beyond to exceptionally high international standards, as official bag supplier during the 42nd G7 Ise-Shima Summit held on May 26 - 27, 2016 in Mie, Japan. And again supplying for 14th G20 Osaka Summit on June 28 - 29, 2019 in Osaka, Japan. Our bags are used by each countries' government officials and staffs attending the summit. So we are no stranger to the global scene.

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G20 Summit Bag

You immediately feel the difference when you hold a Harvest Label bag in your hands. As the years progress and each bag goes through the rigors of everyday life, the accumulation of care behind each bag will take on their own characteristics through the wear and use and establish a deeper connection with each individual user.

And this connection is the heart and drive behind Harvest Label® and our future.

Harvest Label About Us

**The products featured on this website (www.harvest-label.com) are curated specifically for the North America Market, resulting in a distinct assortment that differs from what is available in Japan.  Therefore, the majority of items featured on this site are not available for purchase in Japan.